NetHub Beta -

It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Ever wonder how to make that work for you?

Introducing NetHub (Beta)

The smartest way to stay top of mind in 2024.

It's Your Network Hub

NetHub keeps your connections, events, opportunities, and career goals in a single, intuitive Notion template.

Maximized Impact, Minimal Input

With automated reminders, scheduling, and follow-up features, NetHub streamlines keeping in touch and on the ball with what's professionally important to you.

Stay Memorable, Stay Ahead

Say goodbye to forgetting people's names as soon as they say it. This tool is a cheat code for remembering AND being remembered!

Don't just take our word


"People either think I'm crazy or a genius when I tell them about this."

"I've never seen a CRM like this, such an untapped market."

Secure an unfair career advantage today, for FREE!

Exclusive (Beta) Bonuses: Act Fast or Miss Out

FREE Beta ends April 30

NetHub Beta is now closed.

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